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Fact! Air conditioning malfunctions and repairs at an inappropriate time of year will be a headache when you need it most. Be sure by preparing for summer and scorching months through repairing and maintaining air conditioners in spring, which is the perfect time!
If you are considering postponing maintenance until the last moment and leaving the fate of the air conditioning unit to chance "review your decisions".

Why is spring the best season to repair you AC? Here is why:

▪ Getting ready for summer

One of the reasons why spring is the best season to repair it because the worst time to repair it is in the scorching hot summer. As soon as there is a slight increase in temperature there will be dependency on internal ACs to cool down the house. Even though Albaap technicians are available throughout the year but waiting until summer arrives to do a repair will be a headache to deal with.

▪ Save money

With the start of the season, the AC unit will be filled with dust and unwanted objects. There may also be some malfunctioning parts which may lead to your AC unit to not work as it is supposed to. All you have to do fix these issues is contacting Albaap and getting a reservation through our website or app so one of our superb technicians may increase the productivity of your AC as well as increasing its energy efficiency. So maintain it sooner rather than later.

▪ Increase the AC's lifetime

Unfortunately! All AC units have a predefined shelf life. Since you may decide against buying a new AC because it is expensive, make sure that there are no issues that will result in the unit breaking down completely. Start by extending the AC’s shelf life through maintaining it with Albaap specialist through maintaining it via our website or the APP.