Rusty Pipes

Trust your instinct and check any clear signs that signal a leakage. For example, check the back of the tanks and under the sinks. See if there is any moisture or stinking odors. Be careful of any plumbing activities especially if the house is older than 25 years. Check all piping including tanks, pumps, hoses, washer hoses…etc. If you find any oxidation or color change, it is a sign for leakage and if you know the signs, you can easily find a leakage but not all of them. One repercussion of a leakage is that it creates a perfect environment for mold to grow in and damage the building. Thus, it is of most importance to fix any leakage found to prevent any further damages and therefore we are here to help you.

Here are some ways to help you find any leaks:

1- Pay close attention to your water bills

It is very important to pay attention to your water bill because you might find a message between the lines that indicates that there is leakage. You can notice it when your water consumption habits are not changing but the water bill keeps on increasing. If you notice it and could not find any leaking do not forget that you have pipes in your walls and under your house that you can not see or check. That is why Albaap technicians are here to help find any hidden leakage.

2- Check the water meter

One method to check for leaks is using the water meter. Close all water endpoints (including turning off the washer, hoses, sinks…etc.) and see id there is any change in the water meter then you have a fast-moving leak. If not, wait for two hours and if the water meter changes you have slow moving leak. Your water meter is a good indicator to any leaks in your house and remember a sink that leaks one drop of water a second wastes 103 liters per year according to the National Water Company.

3- Watch your water consumption

Notice your personal consumption of water given that on average a person uses 125 gallons of water a day and 107,000 gallons a year. Reducing your shower time by one or two minutes can save up 150 gallons monthly according to National Water Company. You can also teach your kids how to close the tap properly and reward them for following your directions.

4- Check external valves

You can check outside valves by tying a not in the hose (so water stops flowing) and turn on the water flow. If you notice any leakage replace the circular rubber filter for the hose. If there are any irrigation systems check their if there are any leaks there as well because even the tiniest leak may cause 6,300 gallons of water loss. It is very important to check any hidden leaks through an Albaap technician yearly where you may order the service through the app or the website.

Remember! Fixing any leak as soon as possible will contribute in maintain the building’s health because a small leak today will be a huge leak tomorrow let alone the water expenses the damage on your property. If you find any leakage today, do not hesitate to contact an Albaap technician.