Lights in our lives

Ages ago, humans were dependent on natural light “sun light” primarily such that at dusk, people used to go back home to continue their work the next day. No light meant no work and that has set a constraint on their lives until, with time, mankind started searching for new sources of light. At first, they discovered fire as a source of light followed by candles, lanterns…etc. Until the first light bulb was invented that lights became one of the most important elements that make up a house. With the available sizes, shapes, and colors of lights that they are now considered an aesthetic element which affects the resident’s mood.

How can I choose suitable lights?

To choose a light that suits your needs, you first need to know their types, which are: Primary light, Functional light, Spot light.

1- Primary Light

Primary light has two types: natural light (like the sun) and artificial lights like chandeliers. We have to point out that these types of lights are not for aesthetic purposes only! Their primary functionalities is to light up the place, so it is important to notice how many light bulbs can the chandelier take and is it capable of fully luminating the room?

2- Functional light

From its name, we can conclude this type of light has a function like reading in the office, preparing food in the kitchen, and the dining table. Some of its types are: lampshades, decorative lighting, and hanging lights.

3- Spot light

People would think that this type of light is for a special mood or a specific activity but in reality it has an important role in bringing out the architectural design and elements. Because it grasps your attention form ordinary details to important details, it was called the spot light. Some of its types are floor lights, hidden lights, candles…etc.

beautifying the place using lights

1-Yellow lights are prettier and shinier than white light. You may use them in primary places like new buildings, mansions, living rooms and bedrooms.
2-In long hallways it is best that the lights are not facing upwards but they should be on the sides, chandeliers, wall lights and hidden lights.
3-try to stay away from highly luminous lights as they may hurt your eyes. Instead, use normally luminous lights or maybe try slightly dimmed lights as they give a relaxing feeling.
4- use chandeliers in empty corners can help in spreading lighting aside from giving a relaxing feeling. 5- the best way to light up a fence is from under which gives it a beautiful look.

Does our choice of light bulbs affect or electric consumption? Absolutely! Your choice of lighting impacts your electric consumption. LED lights consume 20%-80% less than any other lights and it lives 3-25 times than other lights. Add on to that, it is easy to find and it comes in different shapes and size to suits your need